The Truth About Cancer: Ultimate Live Symposium

December 9, 2016



Friday morning was Opening Ceremony with Ty Bollinger and his wife Charlene. I hope you all had the opportunity to view the symposium by live streaming available during the symposium and again this weekend. As there were more than 40 speakers, there were a few highlights I recommend everyone watch. If you miss the live streaming you can purchase the DVDs or MP3s. House of Sanjevani will make the entire 3 series available to borrow from our library.


We arrived at the Gaylord Texan Hotel and Convention Center around lunchtime and it was already teaming with speakers and attendees – there were over 40 speakers, many who immediately recognized our Rock Doc – Dr. Sunil Pai! He was mobbed with excited people anxious to find out what he was going to speak about. Seriously, it was like being with a Rock Star. And the Gaylord Texan was amazing, about 4000 rooms and completely enclosed by a glass ceiling. I felt like I was in a biosphere. We didn’t leave the hotel for 4 days. There was nowhere to go anyway, but it was a weird environment for a health symposium. Wish the hotel would have been able to accommodate vegans a little better. Fresh food would have been a marvel. We figured out how to and where to order in the restaurants that were primarily cowboy steak and beer restaurants. But we managed to find an Italian Restaurant with spaghetti marinara, pizzas that we ordered without cheese and a Mexican Food restaurant with vegan fajitas and tacos. There were salads and side orders of vegetables to choose from too. We survived but couldn’t wait to get home for fresh air and fresh organic homemade food.


Thursday morning, October 13th, Dr. Pai and I headed out for Grapevine, Texas to attend The Truth About Cancer Ultimate Live Symposium. As most of you know this is the third time Dr. Pai has been invited to speak for The Truth About Cancer series. His presentation was full of practical knowledge for healing all disease through a plant-based diet and natural anti-inflammatories. It was such a joy for him to be able to present his new book to the crowd. And he shocked the audience several times. I heard gasps when he reported that all of our pork is exported to China for processing. There they are able to add whatever they want to the finished product – your ham and bacon! I was surprised that no one knew that. And what’s more is that all of our seafood and chicken is being processed in China as well! The biggest shocker came when he announced that he is planning to uncover the truth about supplements and functional foods on a new YouTube channel for House of Sanjevani and that “the first review will be about bone broth and it will be a real shocker!” I heard everyone suck in their breath and say “oh wow!” Be prepared everyone because it’s time to uncover the truth and ensure that the products and functional foods you consume are made with the highest integrity. As we say at House of Sanjevani - safe, natural and clinically effective. Cancer patients or any other patient for that matter should not be exposed to toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Stay tuned for the YouTube channel coming soon on House of Sanjevani’s website.



Some of the highlights included:



Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – Vaccines and Cancer – The REAL Connection

Sayerji – New Essential Disease-Fighting Scientific Developments, “Translated” for the Layperson

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, MD – Cancer Treatment in the Information Age. A Cure is in Sight.

AJ Lanigan – The Human Immune System from Infancy to Old Age

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MD – The Crisis in Public Health: Profit vs Humanity & More…


(don’t miss Andrew Wakefield!)



Mike Adams – he spoke 3 times!

Dr. Robert Scott Bell – Unlock the Power to Heal: Your Gut Mission

Chris Wark – Nutrition vs. Cancer: Little Known FACTS That Will Benefit You Now

Dr. Sunil Pai, MD – An Inflammation Nation

Jeffery Smith – Why Avoiding GMOs and Roundup Residues is FUNDAMENTAL to Your Health



Dr. Jonathan Wright – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Iodine

Dr. Thomas Lodi, MD – Cancer is the Response, not the Cause


Complete Ultimate LIVE Symposium package - just wanted to send a friendly reminder that this is the last time to get the 50% off "early-bird" discount.

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Enjoy and let us know if you have any question we can answer that might inform others so we can all live with OPTIMAL health and longevity with joy and community!
























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