Panchakarma and Ayurvedic Consultations with Maureen Sutton, LMT


House of Sanjevani specializes in offering a unique Ayurvedic detoxification program called Panchakarma which is an ancient traditional detoxification process from India. The purpose of Panchakarma is to rid the body of accumulated toxins (ama) in order to prepare it for rejuvenation and healing (which can only occur once the toxins are removed). Panchakarma includes a series of therapeutic massages and treatments utilizing pure organic sesame or coconut oils and medicinal herbs along with a basti (oil and herbs enema) daily, dietary recommendations with Ayurvedic based food provided, yoga, pranayama, meditation as well as educational classes daily. It is a time to dedicate oneself to quiet relaxation and meditation so the body is able to do its work during the cleansing period. This program is recommended at the change of each season.


Panchakarma includes an Integrative Medicine consultation with Maureen Sutton, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Sunil Pai, MD whose emphasis is in Ayurveda and Panchakarma. A plan of treatment, specifically tailored to your constitution, will be formulated. Only organic oils and organic herbs are used during these treatments which are formulated to various medical conditions. The program is also an "Integrative" Panchakarma program where we also may recommend custom formulated nutritional supplements, homeopathics and other modalities such as energy medicine (Reiki, marma therapy), sound healing and use of specialized medical aromatherapy. It is from our experience that using an Integrative approach leads to the best results than using only one modality alone. The program is delivered in a "spa-like" environment and most importantly we are able to deliver the bastis directly rather than given to you to take home. 

Panchakarma may be done in 1/3/5 or 7 days depending upon one’s condition and availability.


Ayurvedic Consultations

An Ayurvedic consultation is an ancient way to look at your current imbalances and bring you back into harmony with your body by establishing health. Using a combination of client history, tongue analysis, and pulse diagnostics, Ashley will help you get to the root of your concern. Your imbalances are addressed using diet, lifestyle, herbs and yoga postures. You will be given the tools for stress reduction, immune support, weight management, and supporting a more balanced and vital you. You are a unique individual and Ayurveda is a beautiful approach to re-establish balance and support your constitution.

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