Massage and Bodywork Treatments


At House of Sanjevani   we believe that there should be no compromise when it comes to massage therapy. There is no compromise in the products we use in those treatments either.  The health of your skin is as important as the health of your entire physical being. We believe that "if you can't put a product in your mouth to eat, then you should never put it on your skin".  When you enter the inner sanctum for a relaxing, luxurious healing treatment at House of Sanjevani   you can be sure that your best interests and needs will be taken into account. Our treatments are tailor made to suit your body type and condition.



House of Sanjevani's Rejuvenating Massages and Therapies uses the most

natural, organic and efficacious products and procedures available.

*60/70/90 Minute Massages  *Cranial Sacral  *Visceral Manipulation *Neural Meningeal Manipulation

Ayurvedic Massages & Treatments including:

1/3/5/7 Days Panchakarma   * Shirodhara   *Herbal Wraps   *Two Therapist Abhyanga   *Bastis

Please call for pricing and treatment details

Members Area is for new patient appointments intake video presentation.  Patients will need create an account for access to the first part of their appointment, the intake video. Please allow time for access to be approved or contact our staff for more information.  DO NOT SIGN UP UNLESS YOU HAVE AN UPCOMING APPOINTMENT.

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