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Sunil Pai, MD and the Sanjevani® team of practitioners specialize in Integrative Medicine by using the best of Western, Eastern and Indigenous Medicines.  This patient-centered approach provides optimum healing, nourishing, and rebuilding of the body, mind and spirit.  Our services include:

Available Here!  Sunil Pai, MD's book: An Inflammation Nation

Recommended reading prior to consultation with Dr. Pai

The Definitive 10-step Guide to Preventing, ​Treating and Reversing All Diseases Through Diet, Lifestyle and the Use of Natural Anti-Inflammatories.
With Forward by 

"An Inflammation Nation is a valuable resource that empowers the reader by using well-documented scientific studies to reveal the importance of inflammation and its influence on all aspects of our health. Dr. Pai brings an evidence-based, integrative medicine approach to the subject and writes in language that both the layman and the professional will understand. I particularly like his explanations of the various triggering mechanisms of inflammation - diet, pharmaceuticals, allergies, lifestyle and environmental factors. I highly recommend this book."

-Andrew Weil, MD, author

Healthy Aging and Spontaneous Happiness

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